About Us

If you're looking to find best Kilburn restaurants time out ? can be mentioned Maison Vie is one of the best Kilburn restaurant time out.

Our Opening hours is from 8 am until 5 pm. that you can come and visit us for any occasion including breakfast /lunch. There are top & famous restaurant & café in Kilburn High Road but find the best place to eat this weekend in kilburn is laborious work. Discover Kilburn's neighborhood restaurants & cafés for weekend Kilburn, known as ‘Music Mile’ because of the multitude of gig venues and pubs offering live music. This has caused a wide variety of people with different behaviour and lifestyle to choose this place for spending free time. Kilburn restaurants time out we offer a fine selection of healthy, vegetarian and gluten-free food and desserts near kiln theatre from Kilburn London. we are one of the candidate time Out's best restaurant in Kilburn & West Hampstead. our score in time out site is 5 from 5. As a friendly team, whatever you are looking for, be sure we are ready to help! Give us a call on or submit a message on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Opening hours:

Monday          06:30 am -6:30pm

Tuesday          06:30 am -6:30pm

Wednesday    06:30 am -6:30pm

Thursday        06:30 am -6:30pm

Friday              06:30 am -6:30pm

Saturday         06:30 am -6:30pm

Sunday           07:30 am -6:30pm

 +44 203 637 9337